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A Less Costly Way to Validate Battery Life

It’s possible to calculate battery life in wireless sensor networks on a limited budget, expert says. 

by: Charles Murray 

Embedded Systems Conference - Boston 

Battery/Energy Storage, Electronics & Test 

April 12, 2018

Validating battery life in low-power wireless sensor networks can be a challenging task requiring costly equipment, but that needn’t always be the case, a consultant will say at the upcoming Embedded Systems Conference in Boston.

Pat Weston, a partner with Better Embedded Engineering LLC, says that low-power devices are hard to characterize, making it difficult for smaller companies with limited budgets to validate products. “If you’re Apple and you’re developing wearable watches, you can afford a $30,000 tool,” Weston told Design News. “But think of the little companies. They can’t go out and spend that much on a tool. It’s out of the question.”

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